Two librarians trying to live on tight budgets…

C – Well, I’m 28 and I’m a library director at a small theological library.  My pay is small, my bills are kind of big.  I love to cook, bargain hunt for clothes, and write blogs.  😉  Some of my misadventures in saving money have turned out worse than others i.e. an attempt at spray tan from a can (orange stripes are sexy) but overall it’s kind of fulfilling.

K – I’m 26 and a law librarian in academia.  My pay is ok (er, for library standards).  I’m married and I live in the suburbs with my husband, my mortgage, and my student loans.  I would like to get rid of two out of those three things–most days those are the mortgage and student loans.  When we first got married I knew for sure that in five years we’d have a bigger home, new cars, a couple of trips to Europe under our belt, and be financially secure.  Clearly, the wedding planning had made me delusional.  Now I’m contentedly pursuing a more frugal lifestyle (while still sneaking in trips to Europe every now and then) and constantly looking for new ways to stretch my little salary even further.


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  1. As librarians, are you up on the CPSIA? According to the ALA, it will force libraries to refuse entrance to kids aged 12 and younger as of 2/10/09. http://www.wo.ala.org/districtdispatch/?p=1322

    • Hi! Thanks for the note! We’re very glad to say that it was announced today that they will NOT be following through with that! Librarians flooded government agencies with calls and were able to stop it! Phew! (Because so many kids eat glue from book bindings, you know?)

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