O Woe

I haven’t been  in a good blogging mood lately.  Things are changing, shifting, and like any good introverted Type-A, I feel the need to process things alone and quietly (fuss about, worry, make new plan, repeat) before I venture out into the outside world and make my declarations.

So.  We’ve got a bit of a mess on our hands lately in the USA.  And while my partner-in-crime C has moved on to her merry new job and such, I find myself in the process she just finished: looking for employment.  I am currently employed, of course, but due to circumstances that would immediately reveal where I work should I explain them, my job security is completely non-existant.  Less than a year from now, I will not have a job here.

Currently, I’m in the last stage of interviewing for a position that, to be honest, I’m very “meh” about.  There are several good points to the position . . . and several bad.  Biggest item in its favor?  It is a job that is not going away.  Sigh.  I hate interviewing, I hate the exhausting process of thinking and rethinking if I want a position, and I hate the nerves that go along with all of it because deep down I still, at 27 years old with two Master’s degrees, don’t really believe that I’m grown-up enough to have a real job yet.

It is times like these that make me wish we were back in the good old feudalist Medieval age.  Once established in a profession, it was yours for life.  Should you muck things up royally, you could move and start over (with no one being the wiser, sans Internet and other pesky devices), but for the most part, once you hung your shingle, you were good to go.**  Nowadays, one has to “climb the ladder” or deal with companies changing (and job titles changing), actually prove stated credentials, and network within an inch of one’s life.  It’s all very exhausting. 

Maybe things will collapse so much that we go back to feudalism.  I’d make a very good Lady of the Manor.  Should that not pan out, I’m good at several other things that would provide an excellent livelihood: I make a mean loaf of bread (people do need to eat), I cook very well, and I’m really good at cleaning.  I’m also good at fussing over people.  My proclivities for food and anxiety make me especially qualified to be a Jewish or Italian matriarch, despite not being technically Jewish, Italian, or a mother.  I think I could definitely give it the old college try.  Need someone to feed you and fuss over you?  Just let me know where to send my application.

**Of course I’m drastically over-simplifying a very long and complicated part of history, but just go with it.


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