I will tell you what K did.  Because she is going above and beyond librarian duty.  A law student came from Africa with no home, no checking account, nothing but her stuff and a will to get a law degree.  The law school messed up, this lovely woman has no housing, K is taking her in.  Hmmm, if that isn’t a big heart, I don’t know what is.

Me, I’m working two library jobs.  It is my attempt to make more money.  I love my night job (ahem…not stripping…that’s what it sounds like, I know), but 13 hours on desk makes you pretty freaking squirrly.

So, K and I are a tad busy saving the world and making extra money.  We have not forgotten the blog, but we are busting butt right now.  Regularly scheduled programming will be back in just a bit.  Promise.

Peace out…   C


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