Fashionably Green

In my recent attempts to increase my savings, I’ve inadvertently become a part of the reduce, reuse, recycle campaign. Of course, I think it’s becoming fashionable to be “green”, but when you’re doing it out of a need and not just a trend, well, then it’s truly a lifestyle…one that you can’t help but stick with.

So I’ve been signing up for different listservs and groups and well, I have a problem – I’m not a hippie.

I know! I know! How awful of me. How incredibly insensitive – I’m labeling, demonstrating pre-conceived notions. Blah blah blah. But let me explain…

I recently signed up for a well known online listserv that focuses on anti-consumerism and the three Rs. Soon, my email box was awash with irrelevant conversation about smoking pot and why the 60s were the very best. It was too difficult to sift through the dozens of emails from people trying to out-hippie each other to get to the really good, helpful emails, so I stopped my membership.

Where’s the middle ground?

For instance, I like the general concept behind EcoStiletto and what used to be the GreenGirlGuide and stores like Gaiam – but I am not that trendy or that wealthy. (I find if I really like their ideas, I can find a lower cost, but very similar product). On the other hand, I still like to shave my legs and appreciate a nice Ann Taylor suit (purchased from Salvation Army). So I feel like I’m teetering on an odd edge in the world of green. I have a feeling that amongst all these trends, those of us of modest income who want to be eco / budget conscience will get a voice that represents us. In the meantime, I guess K and I will keep leaning on one another in a quest for being ‘fashionably green’ in a way that is realistic and sustainable.



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