My coworkers are totally making fun of me

. . .And I’m ok with that.  I had to have a box delivered to myself at work, as the contents are perishable and I can’t have the money I spent being ruined as it patiently awaits my arrival home.  The contents of said box?  Cheese.

Mozzarella stretching curds, to be exact.  You see, I’m part Italian, a heritage that requires a constant infusion of olive oil, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella (in various combinations) for me to remain stable.   I’ve recently planted some basil and tomatoes to sustain that need more cheaply.  Now the curd comes in–12 pounds of it, to be exact. 

Making your own mozzarella at home is super easy (it requires hot water and curds.  That’s really it, unless you feel like getting fancy.) and it saves a ton of money.  A small package of mozzarella at the supermarket costs around $8 (for the vacuum packed mozzarella balls, which is the only way to have any flavor from purchased mozzarella).  I paid $4-something/pound for the curds, and they’ll make about 24 of those little balls (maybe more . . . I haven’t been real scientific in my measurements).

I bought so much because I can freeze it and have fresh mozzarella whenever I need it.  Frugal . . . and fantastic.

(A post with pictures on making it at home is forthcoming, as soon as I remember to put batteries in the camera and take pictures)


[Edited to add: They stopped making fun of me after I made some at work for them to try.  Ingrates. 😉 ]


One response to “My coworkers are totally making fun of me

  1. Very Cool! I love stretching Mozzarella!

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